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The Latest Trends of Golf Carts

 “Driven by increasing focus on reducing emissions and the rising demand for energy-efficient mobility solutions, golf cart manufacturers are expected to focusing on the production of solar powered and electric golf carts. With this trend unlikely to slow down in the near future, the market will continue gaining impetus through the forecast period,” 

Nowadays, golf carts are more and more widely used in people’s daily life, and different group have different needs for their cart. Therefore, the cart manufacturers and research personnel have developed some new functions and innovations to meet the demand of users. A careful analysis of the current market will teach us what’s hot and what’s next for golf carts. Here, we will share the latest trends of the carts with you:

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2. The Trends of Golf Carts


With the development of modern technology, there are more choices for golf carts to save energy, such as electricity and solar energy.Now more people is willing to buy electric vehicles because of lower energy usage and emissions. Besides, cart users usually choose LED headlights and light bars as they need little power to operate, with longer service life, compared with halogen bulbs.

With increased efficiency and power, solar tops and batteries are displayed in 2017 PGA and GIS shows. According to a latest report by Future Market Insights, solar-powered golf carts will be a fast-growing market segment, thanks to their lower maintenance costs.


.Mobile Technology

Since mobile usage are occupying our life, the smart home products are being adopted the mobile technology for convenient web surfing, so are golf carts. Some mobile devices have already been applied to your golf carts, such as bluetooth speakers, built-in USB chargers, and performance monitors. In the near future, other mobile integrations are also expected to be used in the carts.

.New Materials

In 2022 PGA Show, more mini-versions of luxury sedan golf carts are presented. More personalized amenities are added to golf carts, including in-dash A/C and heat, sleek LED headlights and dashboard lights, and hand-stitched leather seats and steering wheels.

Since more golf carts are being used for entertainment, leisure, and social interaction in the community, the manufacturers are upgrading their rides, offering more comfort for cart users.


.Fashionable Style

As more local laws are allowing golf carts to be driven on the streets, the consumers are expecting to own customized rides, demonstrating their personality. In master planned communities, residents also need a way to quickly identify their carts.

Therefore, bigger tires, wheels with interchangeable inserts and body kits with more rugged, angular lines are applied to provide a more obvious street look. Other fashionable style include body extension kits, enclosures and fold-down rear seats, offering versatility when strolling around the neighbourhood.

As golf carts are a popular mode of transportation for young families in suburbs, many consumers are finding the way to modify and upgrade their rides with other accessories. More trends are expecting to appear in the coming years.

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