The Surprising Rise Of Electric Golf Carts As “ Second Cars” In The Many Families

   Electric Golf Carts As Second Cars

  An amazing vehicle trend has crept up around the world in recent years, and there are even countries where electric golf carts are becoming a popular choice for many families as a “second car”. These compact, efficient and versatile vehicles are increasingly found outside country clubs, weaving through neighborhoods, and often on local commutes. So what’s behind the surge in popularity?

  Firstly, we need to recognize the tremendous progress that has been made in electric vehicle (EV) technology over the past decade. Unlike economics, EV advances will actually have a trickle-down effect. Electric golf carts have benefited from this technological revolution  becoming far more than just golf course cruisers. Today’s models have extended battery life with compact lithium-ion batteries, increased power with higher-quality brushless electric motors, and a surprising array of creature comforts options. Want a lift-and-lift electric golf cart with a sound system? It’s no longer a custom job – you can buy fancy golf carts directly from

​  Not only do modern electric golf carts offer a smooth, quiet ride with enough range to comfortably cover short daily commutes, they also lack gasoline engines that require regular maintenance. In addition, theres no longer the old problem of the cart stalled in the middle of the street because their old lead-acid batteries have died. Today’s electric golf carts have made great strides in using high-quality lithium batteries and high-power motors, and this, combined with the passage of legislation in many towns and cities to legalize golf carts on public roads, has led many families to purchase electric golf carts instead of cars.

​  Secondly, the affordability of electric golf carts is another crucial factor driving their popularity as second cars. Not only are the prices significantly lower than the average car, but the operating costs are a fraction of that of a car (whether gasoline-powered or electric). Electric golf carts are therefore an economically attractive alternative. Reduced maintenance needs, combined with extremely low “fuel” costs, make them a sensible choice for the budget-conscious consumer.

  Additionally, environmental factor has also played a major role in its rising popularity. As awareness of climate change and the environmental impact of fossil fuels grows, many are consciously looking for greener alternatives. Electric golf carts fit perfectly into this philosophy, with zero emissions and a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional cars. Even issues such as tire wear releasing cancer-causing particles into the environment are further reduced through the use of smaller, lighter vehicles such as golf carts. But it’s not just about saving money or protecting the planet. Electric golf carts are unmatched for their utility in certain situations. For short trips within the community — such as to the local grocery store, the community center, or a friend’s house — they’re  incredibly convenient. They’re compact, easy to park, and 25 mph are fast enough for residential areas.


  Finally, it is inseparable from the support of local laws and regulations and the continuous introduction of corresponding policies to adapt to this trend. For example, the U.S. federal government has LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) regulations to set requirements for safety features such as seat belts, mirrors and efficient braking systems to allow golf carts on public roads with a general speed limit of 25 mph and a maximum speed limit of 35 mph, etc. This regulatory support further boosts the viability of electric golf carts as second cars.

  Taken together, the rise of electric golf carts as “second cars” in many households represents a fascinating convergence of technological advancement, environmental awareness, economic sensibility, and practical convenience. As this trend continues to grow, it promises to not only not just a transformation of the local commutes, but also a greener and more sustainable future for all. These humble carts seem to have gone far beyond golf-course-only use and straight into the hearts of many families.

Post time: Aug-23-2023